Relaxation and Joy

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." Buddha


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 San Francisco's Beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens

   Feel the Zen 





 Japanese Tea Gardens Path

 Japanese Tea Gardens


 Structured Life Path  Crossroads Life Path      

Seasons of Light


Breathe the breezy, cool, joyful light in through your body 

It brings spiritual courage 

New and good, lucid and bright 

We are alive and strong 

Feel your worth 


Light captures our eyes, mind and soul 

We are caught in the quiet moment 

As the shadows of light dance before us 

On pale, cool walls

In summer evening light 

Our breath stops 

Quiet surrounds us 

All that matters is there

 Clearwater Beach

Happy, clear autumn light 

Crisp, clean air 

Warm, glowing afternoon light 

Believe the love we sense

Conscious kindness from beginning to end


On winter water pale, cool light glistens

In rhythm with tiny, silent music

Revealing another chance

For truth and honesty

Integrity and beauty

Hope for more

Light nurtures our evolvement, our purpose


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