Matter BeautifullyTM 



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How to Matter Beautifully

1. Figure out what you love to do.


2. Matter your way, whatever fits you.


3. Do it beautifully, not perfectly.


4. Share it or just be happy and at peace.



Matter Beautifully recognizes that many of us, in this life, are just trying to matter.  And whatever your way to matter, you can choose to matter beautifully.  Not perfectly.  Beautifully.  Whatever is beautiful to you.  Some will be big, bold and boisterous, others will be quietly beautiful. Mattering beautifully is flexible; it changes in the needs of the day. 



To matter beautifully, figure out what you love to do and do it beautifully, not perfectly, beautifully. What you love to do is your gift from God, a calling to share it with the world. None are more important than others to God. It’s like each body part. Each part is needed to be whole.  The world needs the parts that each of us gives, to be whole.  So, if you love singing, sing.  If you love teaching, teach.  Encouraging, encourage.  Fundraising, run triathlons, cooking.



Finding a way to share it with others works, but you don’t have to.  When you do what you love to do, you are happier and more peaceful, which can only bring good things to the world.  A last note, it doesn’t have to be what you are good at. It’s whatever you love to do.