The Soul Blissed Circle StoryMe  

Dreams, Demons and A Beautiful Opportunity 



I'm Kim Trotto and my forever dream has been to start my own business, something that helped people feel good about themselves, since I have struggled with that my whole life.  I’d tried a couple of things, but hadn’t found the right one.  In 2006, my life was blind-sided by personal challenges that someday I’ll be brave enough to share. My confidence took a huge hit.  Once again, I dug myself out of self-esteem hell.  With the grace of God, I found the beautiful opportunity to stop and start again.  My family survived and my soul grew, ready to create something truly beautiful, that would help heal the world.  I knew that hurt people, hurt people.  I wanted to help heal those hurt people, so that they wouldn’t hurt others and we could end the cycle of pain.  I wanted to give them a beautiful opportunity to stop and start again.  The idea was something like a club, where you said out loud, “Hey, I think you are amazing and I’m so happy that you are a part of my circle of friends.”